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We Limit Ourselves

Through many one speaks.

Through dimensions one hears.

Through screens all share.

I really took my time with this track, so much so it felt like it was alive. Showing me things that blew my mind. This has been transitive both life wise and musically
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  1. Transitive

ill Recollection


Sro once again takes us by the hand to lead us on another psychedelic ride into the ether. This time around, the destination, “ill Recollection”, is a gentle, dreamy headspace at the bottom of the ocean, where Rhodes glide between your ears and percussion smoothly fades in and out of your consciousness.

True to his experimental nature, Sro has never been afraid to work with odd sounds and structures to throw the listener off guard. “ill Recollection” is no different, however, this time around Sro moves through the motions smoothly, keeping the overall atmosphere seamless and relaxed whilst still achieving that mysterious vibe. In conclusion, “ill Recollection” has it’s weirdness dial turned down a notch compared to previous Sro releases, however, it is far from lacking imagination. Sro’s chaotic take on music has simply been polished, leaving us with equilibrium between the overtly experimental and the palatable. The result is an EP that is utterly unique and yet totally absorbing. link:
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201/16/2020 by Sro


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